White House



August 16, 1989

I am delighted to extend warm greetings to the former members of the United States Army Pigeon Signal Corps and the American Racing Pigeon Union on the occasion of your 40th reunion.

The freedom we cherish has been won at a great price, and all Americans owe a lasting debt of gratitude to the Army Pigeon Corps for the role it played in the European Theater during World War II.  More than 50,000 pigeon messengers carried critical messages for our Armed Forces, ensuring the success of important missions and often saving lives.  There are numerous accounts of American patrols – deep in enemy territory and desperate for supplies and medicine – that used your messengers and received aid within hours.

I salute you for your outstanding service to our Nation, and I join you in paying tribute to those missing form your ranks.  They, like yourselves, will never be forgotten.

Barbara joins me in offering our best wishes for a most memorable event and for every future success and happiness.  God bless you, and God bless America.