Faircount membership includes NPA yearly membership dues.

Membership Application
Please print and then fill out the form below including a check made
out to the "Faircount Club" and mail the following address:

Joyce Cap
36 Wendy Road
Milford, CT 06460

Name: ____________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________________________
State & ZIP: ____________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________

Please place an "X" next to your chosen membership.

Junior Membership: $20.00 _______
Senior Membership: $30.00 _______
Family Membership: $50.00 _______


I hereby request formal admission to the
Fairfield County Pigeon Fanciers Association, Incorporated and, if accepted to membership, agree to be bound by its Articles, Bylaws, Regulations and Conditions as they may now exist or may be subsequently adopted.

Signature: ____________________________________________________________

Print Name: ___________________________________________________________

The Faircount Club would like to welcome you to the club!
Thank you for your membership!