Training Your Birds

bullet In order for a pigeon to make its best appearance in the showroom, it should be tamed and trained. The breeder should handle it so that it looses all fear of human beings and when placed in the judging coop, it will show off to the best advantages of the breeder. The bird should be familiar with a judging stick and to people coming near it. A pigeon that is trained properly will not realize that it is in a coop and will not attempt to escape when initially placed in the judging coop. An improperly trained pigeon will loose its natural poise and lines despite how fine the pigeon actually is, resulting in improper judging.
bullet A judging coop is approximately 2 feet wide by 3 feet long and made of very light wire. It is best to spend a lot of time with your pigeons before the show, handle them, pet them, and get them to realize that no harm will come to them when placed in the surroundings of a showroom and the judging coop. Pairs should be separated and training should be started at the end of July.
bullet Pigeons are very easily taught. In just a few days they can become accustomed to the judging coop and will commence to show off. Many of them seem to know that they are going into competition. In many instances when being judged, they seem to realize that they are in competition and put forth their best effort to win.
bullet Showing your own birds will provide you with a thrill of your life once your birds have been properly prepared, entered in a show, and watched during the judging process.